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Cursive Handwriting



110 pages / 8.5 x 11 inches

A handwriting practice book for kids.
Simple, progressive writing instruction from easy, simple tasks, tracing lines to writing letters and numbers on their own. Prepare children for success in school with easy line tracing exercises.

This handwriting exercise book includes:

More than 110 pages of exercises: many engaging line-tracing tasks provide enough repetition, enough variety, to keep kids interested. Fun pictures that can be colored in. The book is full of many different activities.

1: Line Tracing : Start-Stop The adventure of writing begins with easy line drawing. Simple line tracing exercises from short strokes to increasingly longer strokes. Such exercises improve children's concentration and motor coordination.

2: Writing the alphabet from A to Z Trace lines on uppercase and lowercase letters of the alphabet. The letters have marked places to start writing.

3: Numbers 0 to 15 Trace lines on numbers 0 to 10. Numbers have markings where writing begins.

4: Writing Single Words : Alphabet A-Z Trace lines on previously learned words.

5: Writing single words: Numbers 0-10 Tracing lines on early learned numbers.

6: Shape. Trace lines on early learned shapes.

7: Writing the alphabet and numbers independently This time, let's already try writing independently.

This handwriting workbook is the perfect workbook for learning how to write letters, numbers and words independently at home.
It teaches, improves and reinforces learning to write.
Develop and improve communication skills with simple exercises.
Helps children begin learning to write letters of the alphabet and improve their handwriting.
This workbook is designed for kids ages 3 and up.

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